Below is video that previews new functionality called the Report Builder which is scheduled for Winter 2010 release. This new drop & drag UI is intuitive and easy to learn. This is a huge improvement to the end user experience over the report wizard. This is completely compatiable with the old report wizard, so users have a choice of which report writer to use until the old wizard is phased out (expected Spring 2012). It allows end users to build a report and view it quicker. Their are enhancements on report types over the current report wizard process. is on an monthly release cycle, so expect the reporting functionality to continue to improve. Historically, reporting has been a challenge when compared to competing products like Oracle CRM On Demand, so users had to reach out to 3rd partner Apps on the Appexchange to meet requirements. This is a significant step in the right direction.

This new User Interface is the future of reporting, so if you were looking at purchasing a reporting plug check out the Report Builder Preview in a free developer’s account first.

Another interesting Business Intelligence product to look at that is available on the App exchange is
Qlikview. Qlikview has a niche solving the age old problem of aggregating data out of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL,, excel spreadsheets, and other data sources  to give users useful information. So far it seems like an affordable ,  scalable, enterprise-grade application,  with low maintenance and a  quick implementation time line. Report Builder Preview

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