There’s no better place to be than San Francisco right now, for Dreamforce 2018. Lot’s of excitement is building up for this years event, with speakers like Arianna Huffington, Jeb Bush, Arne Sorenson, Al Gore and Geisha J. Williams.

And of course, Marc Benioff.

Some of the breakout sessions we are particularly keen on for Tuesday:

How Salesforce Uses Quip to Accelerate the Speed of Business

SaaS Solutions loves Quip. We adopted Quip early on and it’s an integral part of our business process, taking team collaboration further, and ensuring ideas, discussions, and tasks don’t get lost in email. We’re excited to incorporate Quip Slides into our process and help our project teams get more out of meetings and presentations.

Join us at the breakout session on Tuesday @ 8am and ask us about how Quip has made SaaS Solutions more effective and productive.

AI’s Role in the Future of Work

This session breaks down how real-time artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies empower, not replace, humans to do their jobs better, particularly in sales and support environments.

This session is on Tuesday @ 8:30am

Dreamforce 2018: Heavy on AI

This year’s Dreamforce is heavy on Artificial Intelligence. And for good reason – AI is changing the business landscape as we know it.

From taking unstructured data and making sense of it, to pattern recognition in your email inbox, AI provides data solutions faster and more efficient than ever before.

On Wednesday, the Einstein AI keynote will take place at noon. This is where we expect to hear how top companies use intelligence built into the Salesforce Platform to engage with their customers in a smarter way.

We expect to hear about the following:

Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring

This will help you spend your time more effectively. Einstein automatically prioritizes the leads and opportunities most likely to convert and close based on your history and past deals.

Einstein Account and Opportunity Insights

You’ll get to see key business developments on your accounts and opportunities. Know whether or not a deal is likely to close by identifying customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and company updates.

Einstein Activity Capture and Automated Contacts

Automatically capture data and add new contacts so you can spend less time on data entry and more time selling.

Salesforce Inbox

Extend the full power of the Salesforce platform to email and calendar and never miss a buying signal.

Sales Analytics

Quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover opportunities to grow your business.

We’ll share more about our experiences this week, especially about AI – and how the SaaS Solutions team is poised to help you deploy and leverage Einstein to turn data into profits.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the SaaS Solutions TEAM FIRST approach.

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