Your business is our business.

While we are experts in Salesforce strategy, process, development, deployment and training, our biggest value has always been how well we understand our clients’ business models. We work closely with the client team to combine their business processes into our Salesforce consulting methodology, resulting in a true alignment of the project goals with the business goals.

You have a true partner in SaaS Solutions.

As a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner with Salesforce, we pride ourselves on sharing our deep Salesforce knowledge with you to help your team develop all while making our project more efficient. Our goal is to complete the project with a clear plan and set of resources to support the project moving forward.

You can trust our process.

For every type of Salesforce consulting project we undertake, we implement our unique 5-step methodology outlined below. This process is specifically designed to find and create solutions quickly and involve your team every step of the way.



Initiate > Align expectations

To make sure we get off on the right foot, we take time upfront to level set, outline the high level project goals and align our shared expectations on the project timeline and deliverables.

Analyze > Review processes

After agreeing on the project and business goals and milestones, we dig a bit deeper to understand what makes your business tick. From our deep experience both in Salesforce and across multiple industries, we provide guidance and recommendations where the path we’re exploring may veer from the best practices we’ve acquired over the years.

We work with you to map your current and future processes to Salesforce and the other platforms we may be integrating with. Our goal here is to create a tightly defined project plan that outlines the process in detail, including our shared effort and resources required each step of the way.

Configure > Build the solution

By now, we are working hard to create the solution we’ve described and designed above, while having weekly status calls to update you on our progress, highlight any areas of concern and share useful lessons learned.

Throughout this stage, we’ll be walking you through the various checkpoints of the build, seeking input on how we’re meeting our goals on the project and catching any potential detours before they happen.

Test > Refine the solution

Here is where your key stakeholders and decision-makers take the reins, and our guidance, to poke holes in our solution. We tell you how to test it and you make sure it functions the way it should, looks the way you want it to and gives you the information you need to achieve your business goals.

The more thorough the testing phase, the more refined the solution will be on launch day.

Deploy > Train, launch and support

Leading up to launch day, we train your team to support faster adoption and best practices. With our hands-on approach, your team will truly experience day-in-the-life scenarios and clearly understand how they will be managing those moving forward. In addition, we provide documentation for easy reference when the unexpected arrives.

We offer various Salesforce consulting options for clients looking to optimize performance, increase ROI and maximize efficiency. Whether it’s training your team, integrating a new tool or being your support team, we can give you the competitive advantage you need.