To most business leaders in Sales, Marketing, or IT disciplines, the word “implementation” usually invokes similar emotions that nails on a chalkboard do.  We at SaaS Solutions seek to change that perception, one project at a time.

Our Salesforce implementation approach is simple; get the right teams & people in the same room. Tell us your challenges and give us the complete start-to-finish story of your marketing & sales processes.  From that point on, you basically leave the rest to us!  We’ll map your processes & needs to the best solutions in Salesforce, while actively keeping your challenges in mind and finding ways to eliminate/mitigate those.

Salesforce is the most stable, highly-available, and sophisticated cloud-based CRM platform that the industry has to offer.  All indicators show this won’t be changing anytime soon either.  Yes, this is our sales pitch, but it’s not just a sales pitch. The fact is; and update on a triannual release schedule, outpacing all other CRM platforms on the market. With these improvements three times a year, you can be sure that your people are working with the very latest technology available. Better yet, because the platforms are cloud-based, zero IT-resource-overhead is necessary for the typical implementation and update release schedule.

A cutting-edge sales & marketing system that’s years ahead & dollars below the competition.  A knowledgeable team with its pulse on your business and the latest technology to take advantage of.  What more is left to question?