Training Services

Training is arguably the most important key to a company’s success in Salesforce. The more comfortable your team is with the system, the more proficient they’ll be in it. Depending on your company’s needs, we can train either on site or remotely.

Our training services are always tailored to your specific requirements, but the approaches we take usually fall into six buckets. Choose from one of the training approaches below. Whichever you choose, we make sure our training is relevant by specializing it to your company’s specific needs.

“Day in the Life” Interactive Training

Seeing the bigger picture is everything. That’s exactly what this training is for. Seeing (and doing) the end-to-end workflow, regardless of the user’s role in the system.

“Train the Trainer”

Sometimes in-house training is the best training. We’ll work with your Superusers/Powerusers to build on their already-strong knowledge of Salesforce. The more knowledge we can share with your superusers, the stronger your company’s skill-sets will collectively become. the more beneficial your internal training sessions will be.

Refresher Training

Has it Been a while since the initial deployment training? Let’s pick a date and get everyone back on the same page.

Application or Area-Specific Training

When you’d like to get a better understanding of a specific business-flow, object, area, or technology.

Pre-Recorded E-Learning Training

Live training sessions are good. Having a training session that you can always refer back to is better. For the more advanced tasks in Salesforce involving many steps, it’s usually easier to ‘show’ than to tell. Let us record the correct procedure that you’ll always have within reach the next time you get stuck.

Features in Latest Release Training

With Salesforce’s triennial release schedule, new features and improvements are always in the works. Who has the time to research these new features? We do.