What is Work.com?

Work.com is a social performance management platform that helps companies align, motivate, and drive performance. Work.com is people oriented and brings teams together for accountability.

What Does Work.com Have to Offer?

Feedback For You/Your Team

Promotes individual recognition, team building and allows colleagues to give and get up to the minute feedback:

Coaching Opportunities

Coaching sessions for mentoring purposes, and the ability to identify actions for skill improvement:

Collaborative Goals

Goal setting capabilities for your team that can be compared against set targets and the vision of the company:

For Management/HR

Work.com is like HR on steroids. It offers up-to-date performance reviews (instead of the old out-of-date yearly review). It also decreases the amount of time spent in putting together performance reviews. You can compare company representatives and key indicators, identify gaps in needs to address them more quickly and speed up the onboarding process for new hires.

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