What is Tableau Software?

This is a company that builds software for creating charts and dashboards in a new and interactive way that has not been seen before. It is based on the premise of making data driven decisions.

What makes the Tableau products so cool?

Tableau helps people see and understand their data. It brings interactivity to charts and dashboards that allow you to view your data from many perspectives all in the same chart. No more wizards or waiting for the dashboard to refresh. By clicking on parts of the chart or changing parameters, you get instant variations on the information. You can connect to virtually any data source from spreadsheets to data warehouses and display the information. Almost like infographics on steroids. You kind of have to see it to believe it…

To get a good idea not only of what some of the charts look like, and to get a feel for the interactivity, use the chart image link below to view the Visual Gallery (and don’t forget to move around in the charts once you are there to check out the interactivity!):

Tableau Report

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